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10. Concept Development

Updated: Feb 19

As the findings suggested that the design solution for the target user required three main elements: Awareness among community, connection with self and each other and responsibility towards community and nature. I used the triangle of connection extracted form the findings to look for design opportunities.

I ideated on various ideas and tools such as carbon footprint calculator, sustainability game design, DIY waste management solutions etc.

Ideation (Various Million Dollar Ideas :D)

After discussing the ideas with the tutors and classmates I got constructive feedback that suggested it would be helpful if I make a list of all possible ways the target people and communities might help each other. I needed to consider all the ways the people might interact and the kind of interactions and connections required to generate awareness and potential actions/responsibility.

The overall feedback, research and findings suggested that in order to take sustainable actions and understand environmental sustainability people of district Meerut needed to connect on three different levels: self, with their family and with Ani Hila village.

In order to establish such connection it was essential for people to engage in activities that make them rethink and have discussions on sustainability with their family and overall community. After ideating on various different ideas and getting constant feedback I have come to a conclusion that holding a workshop that facilitates thinking, imagining and communicating can help to create a sense of community or common purpose among its participants. I reckon the workshop should have activities that involve expressing emotions/feelings on sustainability, activities that involve families working together on a sustainable option and re imagining realities. Before developing further on this idea I decided to talk to someone who is actively engaged and working towards environmental sustainability.

Interview with Environment Conservation Activist

I was not sure about the idea completely and had queries regarding connection between people, their awareness and mindset. If the workshop can help initiate environmental sustainability among the community? Who should be involved in the workshop? What kind of activities might help participants engage better?

In order to clarify these queries and learn from an environment conservation activist's experience. I decided to talk to Dr. Virendra Singh, who is a renowned environmental activist from past 16 years and have worked with numerous NGOs and conducted various seminars and events towards environmental sustainability.

Dr. Virendra Singh was very generous in agreeing to speak with me and clarify my queries. I had specific questions to ask to Dr. Virendra Singh and I also wanted his detailed viewpoint in various aspects, hence I prepared a semi-structured type of interview that can allow him to express his viewpoint and if required change the direction of the interview.

Findings from Interview with Dr. Virendra Singh

The interview with Mr. Singh unfolded various important aspects about the community. I briefly presented my research and workshop ideas to Mr. Singh. His opinion on the target group was most of the people follow convenience over consciousness and in order to promote sustainability and connect people to take collective sustainable actions it is crucial to change the behaviour patterns of the people. So that people engage in conscious actions towards their family, community and at large the planet regarding sustainability.

He suggested in order to design a solution for the target group the workshop needs to have tasks that can:

  1. Initiate sustainability discussions among community

  2. Allow people to reflect on sustainable thinking

  3. Activities/Behaviours of Ani Hila people that can help motivate the target group

Personal Reflection

The overall feedback and the interview with Dr. Virendra Singh gave strong insights on the concept. It was amazing to get to talk to Dr. Virendra Singh, he shared his valuable suggestions and experience with me. Which will definitely help to give strong foundation to the project. Based on the overall research and findings, my next step is to design the final outcome and then test it.

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