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13. Online Platform

Updated: Feb 19

The online platform was designed to impart information and communication between people of the community. The platform facilitated three actions:

  1. Discussion Forum

  2. Ani Hila Virtual Tour

  3. Workshops

Discussion Forum

Discussion forum was designed to help people engage with their community on topics of their interest. The Forum has options to choose the topics the user is interested in, read comments and views of other people in the community and join live discussion events. It will also suggest content such as articles, podcasts and videos related to the interests of the user.

Forum Page, Connected Sustainability Website

Ani Hila Virtual Tour

The virtual tours of Ani Hila village are designed in form of separate videos about the sustainable practices followed by the people of Ani Hila. People can search for relevant videos according to individual requirements and learn the process or implement it in their domestic spaces themselves or taking help from people of Ani Hila (Contact of Ani Hila Locals is provided with the videos).

Ani Hila Virtual Tour Page, Connected Sustainability Website


The workshops section provided 3 different types of workshop according to individual needs. The three types of workshops were:

  • 1 to 1 Learning workshop

  • Group Workshops

  • Training Workshops

Workshops Page, Connected Sustainability Website

Final Design Online Outcome, Connected Sustainability Website

Overall Conclusion

The website facilitates the three design outcome as of now, in the further development of the project the website will have more features related to sustainability education for the younger generation and testing sessions of the website. The final outcome was designed to facilitate conversations among people, make people reflect deeply on the issue, learn by discussing in their community and experience sustainability from ‘Ani hila’s’ standpoint.

This project has provided me with immense learning and understanding about research, interactions with interviewees, research methods, data analysis, event management and structure etc. I have developed various skills during the 6 months of the research project. It helped me reflect on my shortcoming and prepare for the limitations that may occur at various stages of the design process.

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