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3. Introducing - "Ani Hila"

Updated: Feb 19

In order to have a comprehensive understanding about the focused group, I started mapping the system around the people. In the process to gain information about the lifestyle and behaviour choices of the people of the district Meerut I landed in a nearby village named "Ani Hila".

I was surprised to encounter the lifestyle of people in Ani Hila. I had a very different picture about Indian villages considering the stereotypical image about poverty and illiteracy. The people of Ani hila neither possess any technologically advanced knowledge about sustainable practices nor they were aware about the sustainability awareness.

Most of the people in the village were below poverty line and were illiterate but still they had been unknowingly living all their life in circular economy. I was amazed to find the smart sustainable solutions they had for most of their day to day activities. They followed this lifestyle due to lack of opportunities and availability of resources in the villages.

The Village- "Ani Hila" , Picture Credit: Aarushi

People of Ani Hila had interesting solutions such as gobar (Cow Dung) gas plant for fuel and electricity, rain water harvesting, hand-pumps, wells and tube wells as water sources, organic farming, crop rotation and waste utilization. They did not need to dump waste in landfills or follow a waste management approach, as the whole village did not generate a considerable amount of waste.

More than 85% of the waste generated by the village was used to generate fuel and electricity through the bio gas plant. Rest of the less than 15% of waste was heavily repaired and reused way beyond the life of the product.

Sustainable Practices of Ani Hila, Picture Credit: Aarushi

I was amazed to find most of their solutions were "Jugaad" - a flexible approach to problem-solving that uses limited resources in an innovative way: countries around the world are beginning to adopt jugaad in order to maximize resources.

The people of the village were very smartly using the limited resources they had. I felt Ani Hila had a lot of sustainable learnings to offer.

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