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7. Ideation

Updated: Feb 19

The findings from the research methods suggested in order to bring sustainable change in the community it was required for domestic spaces or a household to be self - sustaining. Hence, I started ideating on ideas that can help a household to be self-sustaining. The major issue highlighted by the interviewees was regarding waste management, electricity waste and water wastage in most of the households. Therefore, getting inspired by self-sustaining Ani Hila Village I started developing my first idea on the lines of designing a product that can help people manage organic waste, save water, save electricity and educate future generations.

Ideation on designing a waste-managing bio-digester + rain water harvesting product

In order to understand the working of a bio-digester and a rain water harvesting unit I worked on some small scale mock-ups that helped me understand the functioning of the systems and helped me clear out the requirements for a household to have their own bio-digester + rainwater harvesting unit.

Bio-digestor Mockup

I realised if I wanted to further develop the product it was important for me to experiment and experience the functionalities in detail. Hence, I worked on a rain water harvesting prototype to actually use it and discover the limitations and then further develop the design. I figured out that it was very important to understand the spaces of the domestic households of district Meerut to design a product that can easily fit wit the space and lifestyle of the target user group.

Rainwater harvesting product prototype

Crazy 8's

This week Alaistair and Mor held Crazy 8 seminar which really helped in ideating more ideas with the whole group. This seminar was really helpful for me, as I was on the ideating stage of the project and some really interesting ideas were shared during the session. The overall discussion led to greater understanding on the topic and produced some concrete concepts from various viewpoints.

Crazy 8 voting session, Credit: Aarushi

Crazy Ideas, Group: Mel, Riezan, Hugh, Ann and Evelen

Based on the presented ideas, I developed a concept and demonstrated it through a story board. Later, when I presented the story board I received very insightful feedback.

Story Board, Credit: Aarushi

Further Steps

After working on the prototypes and participating in Crazy 8 seminar I realised that before going deep into further ideating and developing the product it was crucial to conduct more interviews to discuss the concept with the real user. Hence, I decided to conduct few more interviews.

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