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Final Week

Week 29: Micro UX Final Week

R/GA Brief: Design a system that provides support for people experiencing uncertainty and anxiety.

Team: Aarushi, Judith, Ling, Sia, July

We were really excited to execute the final design after so many weeks of work and last week's feedback. Firstly, we started by exactly defining the flow based on our changes in the user group and the overall idea. The process starts with grandparents and kids choosing a topic about the story, while grandparents are telling the story, parents can help in recording the process, and based on the story kids are going to make the pop-up books. Finally, they can share the pop-up book's photos and videos on the digital platform to convert it to photogrammetry and preserve it for the future.

The design was divided into four major steps:

1. Choosing a Kit from an online platform (according to the topic of the story discussed with the grandparents)

2. Recording the story (parents can help to record the story to help kids refer to it again while making the pop-up book and also preserving it for the future)

3. Making of the pop-up book

4.Sharing the final output on the same online platform used to purchase it (parents can help record a video of the pop-up book, and the platform can convert it into photogrammetry to preserve it for the future)

The Final Flow

Our final design concept was to help strengthen relationships between grandparents and grandkids through storytelling and pop-up books making. We looked at different motivations for both the groups, some of the findings showed that children love to stay active, they are very creative and also they love to communicate with their grandparents. On the other hand, most of the grandparents seek social interaction as they tend to feel lonely, hence any engagement with their grandchildren will provide them with great happiness.

Target Group

From our interviews and research we found out that grandparents feel a sense of purpose by bonding with their grandchildren, and storytelling is going to provide them with cognitive stimulation which will help in improving their mental health… On the other hand, deep interaction with grandparents helps in the holistic development of children which will improve their self-esteem.

Pop-up Book

We decided to make the template of the pop-up book based on one of the topics, a story about the neighbourhood you grew up in. We looked at various elements and interactive components which can be provided in the template to facilitate smooth pop-up book making experience. We made elements such as an expanded map, a rotary wheel, photo albums, slide bar, flip page, moving transport, waterfall cards etc. These elements could be used in various ways to tell a story. The making of the pop-up book and storytelling process is shown below.

The prototype of the pop-up book, Judith

The book

The components, Judith

Page 1, Pop-up Book Creation by Judith

Page 2, Pop-up Book Creation by Judith

Pop-up Book Video, by Judith

Storytelling and making of the pop-up book, video by Judith

The Pop-up book Kit

The kit will contain mainly 3 items: the components, the instruction booklet and the pop-up book itself.

The Kit, components by July, mockup by Sia

Instruction Booklet

We provided an instruction booklet in the kit to help kids use the components they have chosen in various ways to depict different things and parts of the story.

Instruction book, mock-up by Aarushi

The Components

Digital drawing by July

Digital Platform

Digital Platform facilitated two main functionalities, shopping the customised kit by choosing the components, checking them on digital layout and to store memories after making the pop-up book.

Shop Kits

Shopping of the kits was divided into 5 major steps: Choosing the topic, choosing the components, check instructions, check layout and lastly confirm the order.

Interface by Aarushi

Store Memories

Store the memories section provided with a platform to store the memories to preserve them for the future.


During the presentation, we had some technical issues initially so we couldn’t really present in the exact way we intended to. The feedback we got from R/GA was positive, as they felt the design in itself had a lot of values, they also suggested that we could do more research and add details if we want to take it forward. Other feedback that we got from the rest of the class was that our presentation didn't do justice for the amount of work we had actually put in the project. I felt it was a nice presentation, this micro project really looked into micro-elements and I got to learn a lot. We were a bit upset that we couldn’t tell our story so well, but I feel everything that didn't go well gave us opportunity to learn and improvise. It was a really fun project overall!!

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