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Micro UX Launch

Week 21: Micro UX Launch

R/GA Brief: Design a system that provides support for people experiencing uncertainty and anxiety. Team: Aarushi, Judith, Ling, Sia, July

The first week of Micro UX, people have a lot of uncertainties about how will the online collaboration actually work. How are we going to work in different time zones etc. Well, we started with companies presentation, Matthew and Zoha from R/GA explained to us the brief in detail.

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We started the project by brainstorming around the brief in various directions. Firstly, we looked at the cause, effects and possible interventions in the system to design for a target group in order to have a greater mental being. Some interesting viewpoints emerged during the brainstorming session, all of us were quarantined in different locations, hence, shared our own stories and worries about the lockdown. Brainstroming on miro board is as follows:

Miro Board: A brainstorming session

While discussing the possible intervention in the system, we felt it was important to focus on a target group in order to be more specific about our research. Hence, we brainstormed on different types of people and arranged them from green to red according to the most accessible and least accessible as follows.

Miro Board: Targeting the focus group

We again brainstormed on causes and interventions to be more specific and clear about a direction according to our possible target group.

Miro Board: Detailed Brainstorming

After the brainstorming, we realised that we needed to research more to have a better viewpoint about the present situation and similar situations happened in the past. Therefore, we decided to individually carry out literature and practical review and later discuss our findings together.

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