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The first week of 2020

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Week 12: Seminar on "Power of Ten - 1977"

Team Members: Aarushi, Yuki, Chenguang

The first week of the year started with understanding the relative size of things in the universe by the help of a short film called "Power of Ten" made by Charles and Ray Eames in 1977 (Power of Ten, 1977).

Understanding of the Film:

The first scene starts with a couple enjoying a picnic in Chicago. Then the camera zooms out of the scene increasing the distance by the power of 10 showing the view every 10 seconds. At a point, it takes the viewer through the planet earth; other planets' orbits; the solar system; the milky way galaxy; and then finally the vast unknown universe which is 10 to the power 24 (100 million light-years).

After this, it starts zooming in and takes the viewer again to the picnic scene. From there it starts reducing the distance by 90% every 10 seconds. It finally takes the spectator to the inner space of the body and stops at a single proton in an atom which is 10 to the power -16 (0.000001 angstroms).

This short film really enlightened me in a way to understand how tiny I am in comparison to the whole universe and at the same time, how massive in terms of the inner universe. It also shows us spectacular use of the resources used to shot the film at that time with such elegant details.

Photo from: https://a.fastcompany.net

Activity during the Seminar

Brief: Represent any part of the College Campus using scale/proportion in the form of a 3D Model.

The place that we chose from the Campus was the entrance. The picture is as follows:

Photo by Aarushi

Our idea was to represent the filtration process of the college entrance in order to allow people with only authentic IDs and permission. The water in the model shows people and the paper cones represent the college entrance. The wider side of the cone imitates the entrance of the college where a number of people want to get in whereas the smaller side allows only a small number of people to enter. In the feedback, the model was appreciated and the concept was found thoughtful and logical.

Following was the 3D model of our idea:

Photo by Aarushi


Power of Ten. 1977. [film] Directed by C. Eames and R. Eames. America.

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