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The Research Continues- Week 14

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Week 14: Macro UX Research Fjord Brief: Design a way to enhance working life using light Team: Aarushi, Melanie, Lee and Yuki

We continued our research on light after considering the feedback we got in the interim presentation. We did some observations on different working people in various spaces such as- the library, cafe, offices. I also maintained a light diary to keep a record of my daily observations on different forms and types of lights in our lives.

Light Observation in everyday life, Picture Credit: Yuki & Aarushi

I used the light diary to record various small encounters I had with different types and uses of light in daily life. It was really fun to draw small illustrations, observe people reacting to different lights, talking to people about their day, recording their activities and interactions with different natural and artificial light sources.

Light Diary, Aarushi

We also visited different cafes and other informal workspaces people use according to different types of activities they are engaged in. We did a visual mapping of the actions of people while working. Some of the mappings were as follows:

Illustration by Yuki

Illustration by Yuki

We also looked at the layout of these workspaces people were using other than their offices or usual workspaces. During this process, we were recording the amount of natural light vs artificial light used in different places. We figured out that most of the modern co-working spaces were trying to use maximum natural light, whereas most of the cafes had a lot of artificial light used to enhance the ambience. We are not sure if these outcomes are going to help us further in the project but we still conducted similar experiments, observations and interactions in order to understand the project from different viewpoints.

Illustration by Yuki

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