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The UX of Conversation - Final Presentation

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Week 3: The UX of Conversation - Final Presentation

Project Brief: Design a conversation between a human user and a machine.

Team Members: Aarushi, Zoe, Xiyun, Hannah

Strong Competencies: Research Methods, Storytelling, Ideation, System awareness

Weak Competencies: Reflection, Designing for Immersion, Agility, Interdisciplinarity

The feedback from the class and speed dating gave us a good way forward to evolve Illu. We wanted to create a system that can help people sleep better, but we didn't want Illu to be just another talking AI.

With the help of new storyboards, we did a lot of interviews and speed dating and understood the different desires and perspectives of people about the idea.

Interview with Mr Aarshi Anand by Aarushi

We further did our brainstorming and secondary research to find out about activities that help people sleep better and faster. After numerous solutions, we figured out that writing before sleeping was an activity that can really improve your state of mind and help you sleep 9-10 minutes faster than usual (Denworth, 2018). Hence, we thought of designing communication that involves writing and reading. Our final storyboard was Illustrated by Zoe as she is really good in illustration.

Final Story Board, Illustrated by Zoe

The Timeline:

Click to see the process

Timeline of our project by Aarushi

The Communication:

Our final communication was between the user and his/her diary. The person could create his desired space by writing his requirements and reading the response to help him sleep sound and peaceful.

Video compilation by Hannah, Story by Aarushi

The Final Presentation:

Photos by John Fass

The Feedback :

Our final presentation

We didn't get direct feedback for this presentation, as the class was having a conversation about it. But we analyzed the conversation and some of the points people had were:

1. They liked how we mixed visuals, sound and writing to help sleep, but they thought we could add some more senses as well, like- smell, etc. I think that was a good point and we could have made it more experiential.

2. A few comments were such as- some people keep water next to them to sleep better, or a dagger, so we could include different objects/props according to different requirements. I think this will expand the scope of the project, it is a good point though.


Denworth, L. (2018). The Connection Between Writing and Sleep. [online] Psychology Today. Available at: https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/brain-waves/201801/the-connection-between-writing-and-sleep

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