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UX of Consciousness- Final Presentation

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Week 9: The UX of Consciousness

Project Brief: Design an experience that explores the nature of consciousness

Team Members: Aarushi, Winni, Xiyun, Zoe, Nayla

Strong Competencies: Research Methods, Storytelling, Ideation, Designing for Immersion

Weak Competencies: Reflection, Agility

We started the second week of the project by watching horror movies to get a better understanding and study the details of how the small elements play a big role in making people fearful of a movie. As I am a big fan of horror movies I enjoyed this part of the project the most, I watched The Shining and The Ring.

During our brainstorming sessions, we discussed different possibilities to express the idea of fears & consciousness and is fear conscious or nonconscious (LeDoux, 2017), we also discussed that any element of surprise or suspense, sounds or silence create arising fear.

For our final presentation of the idea, we thought of creating an experience combining lights, sounds, visual and elements of surprise to daunt our audience.

Our Concepts

All of us had different ways/ideas to represent our concept, Winni suggested a balloon game to create anxiety among the people while playing it, Xiyun suggested a scary VR experience, Nayla's idea was the fear of unknown, Zoe suggested an idea related to finding a needle in a haystack and my idea was to engage people in finding a piece of a story to take away the attention and then bring the element of surprise in the environment out of expectation.

We looked at all the ideas and after a long discussion, we decided to combine some of them and adding more thought to the concept.

The Concept:

After scrapping different ideas our last final concept was to represent the fear as changing forms and dimensions from one to another, on the basis of how much we allow it to get into our head by our imagination.

Presentation of the Concept:

Our presentation started by showing a shadow moving in the environment and it jumps in the screen to show how fear plays with our imagination in different scenarios.

First Storyline:

A girl is sleeping peacefully in her room, and when she wakes up in the middle of the night, she starts having negative and fearful thoughts about her surroundings, which shows that fear got into her head and takes away the peace.

Second Storyline:

A person is calm in a lift and he starts imaging things like- if he will get stuck alone in this confined space for hours, and that is when the fear ball gets into his head to make the surroundings terrifying.

Third Storyline:

A woman is happily getting ready, and when she looks deep into the mirror, it occurs to her that she is getting older and uglier, and the fear ball strikes again to make her feel worse.

After the video ends that fear ball fly and comes out in the classroom, and that is when everyone in the classroom is asked to play the fear game to experience fear in their lives.

The final presentation video


The feedback was that people enjoyed playing the fear game, and the best part of the presentation was when the fear ball comes from the screen into the classroom.

Most of the people found it difficult to understand the initial shadow part and the fear filter, as it was not narrated.

Photos by classmates

Photo by Alaistair Steele


LeDoux, J. (2017). Is Fear Both Conscious and Nonconscious?. [video] Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmfCayYowIc.

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