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UX of Consiousness

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Week 8: The UX of Consciousness

Project Brief: Design an experience that explores the nature of consciousness

Team Members: Aarushi, Winni, Xiyun, Zoe, Nayla

Strong Competencies: Research Methods, Storytelling, Ideation, Design Process

Weak Competencies: Reflection, Designing for Immersion, Agility

This was one of the most challenging projects, as nobody really has any idea what actually is consciousness. Before having any discussions for this project all of us decided to do our research about the topic and then have a discussion over it.

Therefore, we did our research and came back to discuss with our totally different definitions of consciousness. Everyone had their own ideas for how to go about the project, we discussed different ideas such as consciousness by different smells, making a copy of your consciousness, hypnotism, sleep paralysis and LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide).

We decided to go with LSD, as the research on it in the past was really interesting (Siff, 2015), and we thought it had great scope to go deep into the consciousness and would give us interesting findings to learn and work on.

Psychadelic Art by Josh Byer


In the storytelling phase, we found out that we didn't have many people to tell us their LSD stories. Hence, we decided to quit the topic and we brainstormed again and decided about going ahead with horror stories, scripts, and photographs, Fear in general.

Hence, we did our research again on fear and how it affects our consciousness. Then we asked different people to tell us their fear stories. This turned out to be one of the very helpful methods for studying persons' emotions, expressions, and feelings while they are narrating their stories. But there were conflicts in the group regarding how the method was to be done, but we figured out eventually.

Picture credit- Shutterstock

It was very interesting to know different fears of people, some of them were pretty weird such as tomatoes, beans, and some common fears were the fear of the dark, lizards, spiders, heights, horror movies, etc.

Anonymous Storyteller, Video credit Shutterstock, Compilation by Aarushi

Anonymous Storyteller, Video credit Shutterstock, Compilation by Aarushi

Anonymous Storyteller, Video credit Shutterstock, Compilation by Aarushi


We derived our artifacts from our fear stories and they were as follows:

Horror Movie (Le Manoir First Horror Movie), Tomato, and Knife

The First Horror Movie | Tomato | Knife

We studied our artifacts on the basis of different criteria, such as material quality, interactive aspects, social qualities, location of the artefact, and historical aspect.

After both the methods, we compiled our findings and thoughts together and clubbed them according to keywords for better understanding.

Ideation by the team


One of the feedback was that the storytelling was not very effective with the keywords, it would have been better if we could actually make them listen to the stories. I totally agree with this feedback, as storytelling is a very interesting and engaging method, so it is definitely better to tell about it in an interesting way, rather than keywords.

Another comment was that how can you relate fear to consciousness, it is a reflex response. I disagree with the comment, as nobody has really defined consciousness, we can't really comment on what consciousness is actually.

Interim Presentation


Siff, S. (2015). Acid hype.

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