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UX of Democracy- Final Presentation

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Week 7: The UX of Democracy

Project Brief: Design an experience that addresses the democratic process.

Team Members: Aarushi, Alexandra, Winni, Yan, Kiki

Strong Competencies: Research Methods, Storytelling, Ideation, System awareness

Weak Competencies: Reflection, Agility, Interdisciplinarity

Keeping in mind the feedback we got from our last presentation, our focus was on changing the mindset of the people about voting.

Our concept was that different parties will represent distinct colours to promote themselves on the basis of the different policies they have for the country. Hence, the voting machine will just have different colour buttons with the policies written on them and the voter will cast their vote by voting for the policies they want for the country.

Drawing by Winni

While testing and discussing the idea more, we realized that there were a number of loopholes in this voting process, such as- what if the policies are biased towards one particular religion, what if people don't agree with any representative's policies, the voting machine was prone to have faults or could be tempered. Hence, we decided to do a bit more research on how policies are made and we read the Indian Constitution (The constitution of India, as modified up to the 18th May 1981).

After the research, we figured out that rather than changing the voting system it was more important to make the people think about the changes they want for their country and collect their thoughts before casting their vote.

Therefore, we made a prototype that can help people think and arrange the policies according to the priorities, as making people arrange their problems according to priority really make them think about them.

Photos by Aarushi

In our prototype, on the left side people were supposed to arrange their policies according to their own understanding and on the right side, match it with the policies other political parties are offering, to make it easy for them to compare which party's policies match with their priorities.

GIF by Aarushi


The idea of making people think was highly appreciated, most of the people found it interesting to debate, argue, think and understand other peoples' views while arranging the policies according to their priorities and then comparing it with the policies other political parties are offering.

One of the feedback was that the prototype itself was not very portable for people to discuss over it while having tea/coffee, hence it was suggested that it was better to have something digital. But this feedback contradicted the concept, as our idea behind making this whole design tangible was to get people doing something so that it triggers thinking and discussions.

Photos by John Fass

GIF by Aarushi

This turned out to be certainly a dream team, as I really enjoyed working at each step of the project with all the groupmates, as all of us had different talents to combine, thus all our discussions and brainstorming sessions were really fun.


The Constitution of India, as modified up to the 18th May, 1981. (1981). [New Delhi]: Govt. of India, Ministry of Law, Justice and Company Affairs.

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