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Week 20

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Week 20: Final Outcome

Fjord Brief: Design a way to enhance working life using light

Team: Aarushi, Melanie, Lee and Yuki

We meticulously discussed the feedback we got after the presentation. And ultimately decided to reconsider the workspace for the experience we were creating. We researched on different age groups having various mental health issues and therapies given to different kinds of people (Malchiodi, 2007).

Looking at various studies, statistics and therapies we came to the conclusion that the experience we were creating in the room was more accurate for the younger age group to reflect on their actions, thoughts and worries. According to various surveys across the globe, it has been observed and proven that children mental health is a very important and attention-worthy issue. It is essential to teach and involve children in mental health activities and therapies from the beginning of their life.

Our final idea was to design an experience for school children in order to enhance their lives and provide them with a setting to self-reflect from an early age. Our final workspace was all of our's first workspaces: School. We researched on various psychological theories, therapies, statistics of children facing mental health issues, identity issues, various campaigns and protests. We read about the various age group of children needing different types of therapies and solutions to improve their mental health (Meltzer, Gatward, Goodman and Ford, 2003).

Our concept was to provide a safe space for children (an individual or a group) and to facilitate them in expressing their feelings and anxiety. We thought of designing a meditation, therapy or a counselling room for children, where they could interact, reflect on their actions or talk about their feelings and worries to a counsellor, get therapies according to their requirement and age or just meditate.

We tried and tested various forms and flows according to the therapies, feelings, senses and perceptions of children while designing the experience.

Form generation by Mel, photography and gif by Aarushi

Following is the overview and brief research outcome of our idea:

Slides by Aarushi and Mel

We experimented with various mirror positioning and various reflective elements such as the strings, the reflective surface of the ceiling light, spacial design of the room etc. We created visual imageries according to the study on form, colour, movement, speed and their impact on the mind of the children.

Photography by Aarushi

We took inspiration from our previous bioluminescence findings and gain an understanding of the research done on the different bioluminescent organism and the impact of their smooth movements on children's mind. Following were some of our experimentations:

Photography by Aarushi

The Final Design

The final design was an experiential journey for the children by the combination of calming visuals, sound and fragrance with some interactive simple elements for children to reflect on.

Photography by Aarushi

We designed a leaflet as well to provide to the children in order to make their experience complete, meaningful, fun and to make them aware and relaxed to freely express their feelings. If they miss anything the councillor is explaining them, or if they want to know more details about the process, the leaflet could help them with it.

Photo by Lee

Leaflet design by Lee and Aarushi



We received very positive feedback from Fjord, the rest of our classmates and surprisingly John :) The workspace, the experience and the functionality worked perfectly fine according to Michael (Fjord). They felt we could even take the project further to actually intervene in the education system by pitching our idea. Turned out to be an effective team effort for Macro UX.


Malchiodi, C., 2007.Expressive Therapies. New York: Guilford.

Meltzer, H., Gatward, R., Goodman, R. and Ford, T., 2003. Mental health of children and adolescents in Great Britain.International Review of Psychiatry, 15(1-2), pp.185-187.

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