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Week 26

Week 26: Micro UX

R/GA Brief: Design a system that provides support for people experiencing uncertainty and anxiety.

Team: Aarushi, Judith, Ling, Sia, July

The midterm feedback provided us with clarity about the direction. As suggested, we decided to go ahead with our second design opportunity, a micro-system involving the act of making and giving.

This idea was my brainchild, I was working on designing a micro-system which allows people to share what they like to make in order to provide them with intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. It will also allow them to engage in various volunteering and connecting opportunities.

Diagram by Aarushi

The concept was still very vague to design for, hence we decided to brainstorm more on the idea and develop it further in detail. After brainstorming we realised that all of us had a different understanding of the idea, hence, it was difficult to understand each other's standpoint. So, we thought of working separately and come up with one defined idea each, which is more precise for us to understand and design.

Brainstorming on the idea of make and give

We worked on 4 ideas in total and decided to use speed dating method to gain a better understanding and various viewpoints on all the ideas. Our findings for each of them were as follows:

Idea 1: Community Sharing, Ling & July

Sharing lockdown stories with others, where you can illustrate for someone else's story and vice versa by the medium of a local cafe or any other community eatery. The illustration will be displayed on the wall in order to motivate people to engage in the activity.

Storyboard by July

We listed the pros and cons of every idea after analysing the findings of Speed Dating.

Idea 2: Street View, Judith

Street View is a community-building concept, where people show their love towards their streets and locality to encourage everyone by making an illustration and putting it up on their windows, there can also be an app to facilitate a digital street view to upload drawings virtually on their particular location.

Storyboard by Judith

Idea 3: Care Box, Aarushi

The concept was to help people nurture a sense of belonging by the act of making a craft together as a family and sharing it with others as an act of kindness to show empathy towards each other.

Storyboard, Aarushi

Idea 4: Blind Box, Sia

The idea behind the blind box was to give people an element of surprise, by sending them a black box without any description having a 3D AR Video game, which will allow the user to add some of their recordings and then pass it on to someone else to continue the game.

Storyboard, Sia

Practical Review

We did practical review simultaneously with speed dating to have a deep understanding of existing solutions based on our ideas.

Community building projects

Rewards giving projects

Gifting Platforms

Volunteering and Donation Platforms

Speed dating and practical reviews gave us a clear understanding of our overall concept and every idea individually. After a very long discussion (around 5 straight hours) we decided to go with the care box idea, as it was feasible (looking at our brief and deadlines) and it provided us with a lot of opportunities to explore. I personally liked the street view idea, but anyway we decided to go with the care box as a group. :)

The flow, Care Box

We designed a detailed flow of the whole process of making and receiving the care box by both the families. It started by receiving a leaflet or seeing an advertisement of the care box; then registering on the platform; receiving a toolbox to make your care box; packaging of your care box; delivering it to the family and finally getting feedback from the receiving family.


Our research and the ideating process was found deep and detailed. But there were a lot of uncertainties in terms of what is being made, exactly who is making, for whom and what is their motivation. We were suggested to actually start making and exploring the exact scope of the project with well-specified user and the product being made. It was very insightful feedback and I think we were digging deep in a slightly wrong direction, but this review gave us much better opportunities and understanding.

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