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Week 27

Week 27: Micro UX

R/GA Brief: Design a system that provides support for people experiencing uncertainty and anxiety.

Team: Aarushi, Judith, Ling, Sia, July

After Tuesday's feedback, we decided to actually explore making and we made 4 to 5 things for each other on a common theme, Movies. We decided to make things with our families, flatmates, friends in order to understand if making together with loved ones more fun and fulfilling.

Making Process, Aarushi

We briefly met to exchange our boxes with each other.

Exchanging of Boxes, Photo Credit: Anonymous

All of us made interesting things for each other, I received my care box from Judith. There was a beautiful card having 10 movie recommendations from her favourite movies; a very abstract and sophisticated paper vase, having a lovely white rose (meant to be dried and saved); a popcorn pack to give me a little cinema feel and lots of snacks. 😄

All the exchanges products


After making and exchanging we talked about our experience of making and receiving with each other and based on that we listed out the worries and problems we felt.

The Concept

Our concept was to facilitate people of the same locality to make, learn and share handicrafts with their neighbours by using Facebook groups as our platform. These groups will allow people to share small stories from their life events, where the neighbours can pick a story to make a craft on it. After making the craft, if both the giver and receiver agree to connect the giving of the handicraft will be facilitated by delivery. The group will also hold handicraft learning online events to help people learn new crafts according to their skill levels.

Facebook Group

These Facebook groups will be on micro-community level just for 10-15 houses of a neighbourhood.

Care Cluster_Elephant&Castle, Facebook page


It was felt that the concept was too broad and included a lot of functionalities. Also, there was little design intervention in the process, as it was easily doable by the people of the neighbourhood themselves. Hence, it was recommended to make it more precise and simple for people to be able to use it smoothly.

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