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Week 28

Week 28: Micro UX

R/GA Brief: Design a system that provides support for people experiencing uncertainty and anxiety.

Team: Aarushi, Judith, Ling, Sia, July

Well, honestly after our last presentation we were a bit disappointed as our concept was still not very defined. Therefore, we again brainstormed on the idea from various aspects and angles to redefine our user group and well-define the concept.

Re-defined flow

Re-defined Idea

After various sessions of brainstorming, long discussions and research, we defined our focus group as Grandparents and Grandkids, the idea was to help strengthen intergenerational relationships between both the groups through making and storytelling. Where grandparents will be telling stories to grandkids and the children will make pop-up books based on that story.

The final flow

Our first user group grandparents are from nursing homes and the second user group, the children are of primary schools, who will be making the pop-up books based on the stories. We have thought of providing both the groups with a facilitator who will help record the stories and make it accessible for the children. We precisely defined the flow of the whole design which started from showing various topics to the grandparents to help them remember stories from various life events. Then the volunteer will document the information, will record the stories and provide them to children in an easily accessible form. Later sending and receiving of the pop-up book will take place.

Interviews: Grandparents and children

We interviewed our grandparents and other senior adults to understand their standpoint on this idea. We received interesting insights that suggested we should change the user group from grandparents in nursing homes to actual grandparents and their grandchildren. As it will be much more relatable and will have better emotional connect for both the groups, for senior adults to tell a story to their grandkids and for children to make pop-up books for their grandparents. Some of the senior adults suggested that they would love to make the pop-up book with their grandchildren, or at least watching them make is going to provide them with a lot of joy. :)

Interviews with children gave us reassurance on the idea of pop-up books, as children really found the pop-up books amusing and they would love to engage in any activity with their grandparents. Some of them who don't get to live with their grandparents found this activity very helpful in order to get more time to spend with their grandparents and perform various activities.

Topic Cards

We made various different topic cards to facilitate senior adults in order to remember the stories.

Instruction Leaflet

We also worked on an instruction leaflet, that will help the volunteer to make senior adults feel warm and comfortable while telling the stories.

Pop-up Book

We decided to make pop-up books ourselves in order to understand how therapeutic is the whole process and how we can provide the children with a template to make the process easier for them. We chose different topics to make pop-up books, my topic was: "Tell us about a childhood story of your kids that you love to talk about."

Well, I never made a pop-up book before in my life, so I was very excited to do so and I looked at various tutorials and read different books about the components to learn more. Finally, the pop-up book I made has two pages, the first page is about the background of the grandparents, so it had various interactive elements such as - childhood timeline (waterfall card), hobbies (centre pop-up building), favourite food, favourite place (photo album element), their childhood secrets (small booklet) etc. and the second page was about the story, which had options like transport, rotating wheel, slide bars to be used for various parts of the story.

Making Process of the Pop-up Book

First Page

Second Page


We received very positive feedback from Alaistair and John. The concept was found strong, interesting and valuable. They gave us a similar opinion as our interviews suggested, that the user of this idea should be grandparents and their grandchildren, as it will really help to build the bond stronger. They also suggested that we should clearly define the template of the pop-up book, our design intervention, and think about if we can preserve this for the future. These all were really helpful suggestions, we will definitely consider them in the final design.

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