I'm a UI/UX designer, my major focus is on creating meaningful and delightful experiences for people through design. I have worked on various visual, interaction and experience design projects in the three years of my work experience to help business and non-profits expand their capacity for greater impact. I absolutely love collaborating with various disciplines of people, as it gives way to numerous new ideas and viewpoints. I would define myself as a "generalist" in respect to design, as I feel it is relatively efficient for one person to work interrelatedly on visual design, interaction design and product development phases of a project. My curiosity to learn and research more about individual and community experiences led my return to school for Masters’ in User Experience design from UAL, London. 


My chief value is to stay humble in every situation. I believe one should respect others as they respect themselves. I always try and look for the positives in any circumstances. In the future, I would like to use my design skills to develop sustainable solutions to global and local challenges. One thing is certain, wherever I am I will always work to make a difference in people’s lives and society through design.